(Scheuchenstein 1807 - 1862 Wien)


Friedrich Gauermann was born as the son of a painter and engraver, who recognized the talent of his two sons very early and supported Friedrich Gauermann's and his brother Carl's careers from the very beginning. After those early years Friedrich Gauermann studied art at the Academy of Vienna from 1824 bis 1827 where J. Mössmer was his teacher. Even more important for him than his academic education where several excursions to Styria, Salzburg and Tyrol on which he improved his talent autodidactic. Travelling remained important through all his career, he visited the Salzkammergut in 1824 and 1831, Dresden in 1827, Munich in 1828, 1934 and 1940 and Venice in 1838 and 1843.

On the 26th of March in 1836 he became an elected Kunstmitglied (art-member) as a Landschaftsmahler (landscape painter) at the Imperial and Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Friedrich Gauermann was a very popular landscape painter of the Biedermeier with many nobel and important clients. He disengaged himself from typical multi-figured Veduta painting and orientated on the Netherlandish painting instead. The landscape paintings of Potter, Wouwermann, Ruisdael, Ross and Dujardin had a big influence on his work. From on 1830 the typical forrest- and mountain-landscapes for which he is best known dominated his œuvre. Friedrich Gauermann sketched his motives in the open countryside and his animal drawings are brilliant. He is famous for his great talent in detailed drawing and sensitive colouring as well as for his atmospheric lightning effects.

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