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In 1838 an article in the magazine Wiener Zeitschrift für Kunst, Literatur, Theater und Mode about the most important exhibitions of the year named Friedrich Gauermann as "the head of landscape painting". Until 1948 he was among the most popular - and top-earning - painters of the aristocracy of Vienna and worked for Prince Metternich, the families Schwarzenberg and Liechtenstein.

Friedrich Gauermann was one of the most important artists of the Vormärz and his pictures of animals, which he studied in the open air, are outstanding. Until 1830 he painted mainly naturalistic lanscapes, while some years later he specialist on hunting scenes and those of fighting beasts. His importance for art history is based on his skillfull depictions of the atmosphere and lighting effects as well as his particular talent for detailed drawing and colouring.

During his lifetime, in 1845, Friedrich Gauermann was honored by King William II of the Netherlands with the Order of the Oak Crown. Several years after his death the Friedrich Gauermann museum was founded in his birth town Scheuchenstein, one hundred years after his death in 1962 the Niederösterreichischen Landesausstellung was dedicated to Friedrich Gauermann and in 2007 the Austrian postal service issued a commemorative because of th e 200th birthday of Friedrich Gauermann.


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